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Might want to rethink shooting all your ammo if they try to ban/limit ammo stuff.
Yeah...because what you want to do is jump to conclusions right now and start planning around an unknown...

I like your idea. I know guys that play golf every day as long as the weather permits. No one questions that as being a waste of time, an onerous undertakiing, etc. - it's just viewed as recreation and someone doing what they want to do with their time.

I'm really surprised at the negativity found in this thread. Obviously, you can do whatever you want with your time. You're not locked in to being required to do it. If you get bored, it's too expensive, there are armed guards at the range stopping you, the government raises the price of reloading components by 1,000% or whatever variable the nattering nabobs of negativity find wrong - you can always alter the plan.

I can tell you, that if I had a backyard range so I could shoot whenever I felt like it, I'd probably shoot at least 100 rounds a day just to relax after work.

Good for a report every so often so that those of us that are interested and think it's a fun project can keep up with what you doing. ....
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