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My letter to Dick's Sporting Goods

Upon hearing that Dick's had decided to suspend sales of AR-15 rifles, I decided to write to their customer service. I welcome constructive critique to improve how I represent our community in the future.

There are some silly typos and it's on the short end. since I had to write the letter in one of those postage-stamp sized comment boxes.

Originally Posted by LockedBreech
Dear Dick's customer service representative,

I know that time is precious, especially during the holiday season, so I'll try to keep this short out of consideration. To wit: You have lost my money.

This is not the usual idle, self-important, loud-mouthed retail complaint. I understand that my individual money doesn't mean a thing, and I completely understand the reason Dick's would drop AR-15 style rifles after the events in Connecticut. However, I find this solution unsatisfying, and the lack of principle behind it unsettling.

As a big Denver Broncos fan, I stop at a Westminster location every time I go to a game, which is frequent. We all meet at Dick's, buy a new piece of Broncos gear, and go to the game. It is a tradition I must regretfully suspend, which is a shame, since I plan to practice law in Colorado and was looking forward to a lifetime of spending at your establishments.

I understand the climate of political correctness that is lethal to businesses. I understand the factors that led to the decision that was made,. I have no doubt the answer I get will refer to respect and sensitivity. After weighing these factors against a fundamental Constitutional right, I find them lacking.

Barnes and Noble did not stop selling Bibles when Westboro Baptist began to preach their hate, and no one stopped selling white sheets and lumber because of the KKK,. With firearms alone, it seems, are the quiet millions of peaceful owners to suffer for the actions of the most minute fraction.

I strongly consider management to reconsider this decision so that I may continue shopping in your outstanding stores. Until such time, I can personally guarantee you the loss of my money and that of my friends and family.

A very happy holiday to you in the most genuine of spirits. I am not hateful or angry or spiteful. I understand why the decision was made. Respectfully, I submit it was made incorrectly.


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