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Have guns do shoot

As an non American it seems by what I have read on these pages the mentality is if it moves shot it, be it legal with papers or just not protected, with money, it seems, being the object in most cases. With reference to ratttlesnake round ups its a fact the numbers are not as many as in the "good old days" and the sizes are on the whole are smaller. Likewise with the alligator hunting. I know its not in texas,if hunters keep taking the large animals out it will take years for them to recover in these areas so you see smaller and smaller animals being taken until there is not much left to hunt and the hunters have to move to new hunting grounds. I live in Peru where they have the same outlook, and everything is "protected", but they have an excuse which is, they are very poor or ignorant. Whats yours?
The obsession that a lot of Americans have with guns and to an extent killing animals is beyond me.
An English man in Peru
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