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I am in the process of working on a large (nearly 100 page) handgun website. Once it is done (probably 2-3 months), I will post the link here on TFL. What I need is more pictures of the models and non-biased reviews from real owners. I do not want to use the same boring ones that the manufactures use (one reason is it would require getting permissions on every picture). I ask that any of you all willing to share pictures and/or gun reviews of the following handgun models please email me the review or picture attachment. In return, I will give you the option for your name to be put on my credits page or I can link to your homepage. Here are the models I need pictures and MORE reviews (good or bad):

Glock (17,19,21,22,23,26,27,30)
Ruger (SP,GP,RH,SRH,89,90,944,95,97,Mk II)
NAA (Guardian, mini-revolvers)
Sig Sauer (220,226,229,232,245)
CZ (75,97)
S&W (686,3rd Gen)

Here is how I am asking people to review (5 stars is top score):

Reliability (1-5 stars)
Accuracy (1-5 stars)
Durability (1-5 stars)
Rust Resistence (1-5 stars)
Ergonomics (1-5 stars)
Pointability (1-5 stars)
Trigger Pull (1-5 stars)

Plus a paragraph explaining the above ratings. I usually can tell the difference between a reasonable review and an unreasonable one. For example, anyone who gives an NAA mini revolver 5 stars for accuracy is not submitting a reasonable review. .

I am toying with the idea of also going into unfamilar territory (HKs and Berettas).

So far, I have almost 20 pages done, and at current pace I think the site will be public in 2-3 months.

One other thing I want to add. This applies to those who asked me to link to their homepage to give credit. I will NOT link to any website that has profanity or contains any objectionable material. So far, this does not apply to anyone on TFL (nobody I recognize at TFL has objectionable material in their homepage as of yet), but I have had to turn down a couple people from other boards who asked me to link to their homepage. Warning: I will screen any homepage that I am asked to link to before posting. This is going to be treated as a family oriented website and I will NOT link to any objectionable material.

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