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I had the same problem (If you want to call it a problem) with that bullet. I think it has to do with the bullet shape or ogive. I had to get them down to 1.010 to get them to fit into my pistol but I can't remember the grains of Win 231 I used (I would have to go back through my records) They shot through the gun but I was uneasy going below published C O L's and just put them back in the box and stored them on the bench. I still have about 600 of them and if I get the time I was thinking about going with a less grains of powder and see if they would shoot better (More accurate) but it all comes down to my gun didn't like the bullet.

Now all that being said, Berry's Bullets are some of the best bullets I have used and their customer service is some of the best. Who knows some day I might buy a new 9mm and it just might like them.
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