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gatofeo #2 pee on rifle in Korea

Yes the M1 was very dependable. Survived as the action weapon for Marines even into the mid 60's of Vietnam.
The chosin reservoir was bitterly cold and also high humidity.
It was so cold at times moisture in the air would actually cause the bolt to freeze in the slides. The lubes back then that they were issued couldn't adapt viscosity wise and would freeze to a thick scum. Urine has a somewhat oily (for lack of a better word) in it.
This would help soften and dilute the lube.
Thus it is true sometimes they did pee on them. Generally only when they were expecting action.
Many actually stopped using the lubes in the bitter cold.
This is what we were taught when we Went through Recruit Training.
There were a few Army Troops stationed near the reservoir that were trapped.
The Marines broke out of the Reservoir ( Chosen), they were surrounded, to go help get the Army out and head out of the area.
Because of the extreme cold, that is why the battle was nick named the Frozen Chosin.
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