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Ribs would break, organs could rupture, and the BG would indeed go down.
You might have to pop him 4-5 times but at that point he's disarmable and out of the fight.
That may sound good, but it is not consistent with reality.

Mark Wilson shot Arroyo with a .45ACP pistol during the Tyler Courthouse shooting--some reports say he scored multiple hits. Arroyo did not go down and was not impaired. When Wilson's gun ran dry, Arroyo walked over and killed him.
But knocking someone down means you can then kick his liver, stomp on his kidneys, chop his knards. He's not getting up.
Even if we assume (with plenty of evidence to the contrary available) that a pistol round will consistently knock down a person equipped with body armor, the idea that a defender will be able to approach close enough to attack the downed attacker physically is optimistic, at best. An armed person on the ground is still capable of killing anyone who approaches him.
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