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Since I've had plenty of time to learn the capabilities of my rifles and their ammunition, I wanted to test my own precision, and a combination of precision and accuracy, during my last shooting trip.

I wanted something with some small, challenging targets; an appearance that was NOT pleasing to the eye (distracting); and something a little different.
I ended up building the target in a CAD program, so I could plot 1:1 on paper.

This is what I came up with - with minor inspiration from "Smack the Smiley":
The circles were intentionally left without a center point. -They're are good for groups, while challenging yourself to keep everything inside the lines.
The diamond is great for 'distance from center' shooting. (Single shot, or group.)
And, the smileys, of course, are for wiping that stupid grin off their faces.

And, the dimensions:

Some of the dimensions are a bit funky, because my printer's scaling is only accurate to about +/-0.020" per 2 inches, or so. Through trial and error, I tweaked the virtual dimensions to give me something more accurate on paper.

It sure does make you feel like an idiot, when you miss that 5/8" smiley at 100 yards, with a rifle you KNOW will run 1/2 MoA. But, it fells pretty good, when you can wipe that smirk off the face of the 5/32" and 5/16" smileys.
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