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Aspergers . . .

Hi - not strictly firearm related, but I feel it is worth saying. Mods, I am sure you will delete away if you feel necessary.

Just wanted to respectfully suggest avoiding falling afoul of the late trend to linking what happened with either autism or aspergers - which we can thank the ever appalling media for.

Think back to when you were a kid, remember the "strange", "weird", "didn't fit in" children? They were always the vulnerable ones, never showed any more (and usually less) violent impluses than their peers?

Those people don't quite understand social interaction the way "normal" people do, they generally need people to watch out for them throughout their lives because they can be incredibly vulnerable. People with mental health problems are known to be FAR more likely to be victims of crime than perpetrators - I strongly suspect the same is true for those with developmental difficulties that fall on the autistic spectrum.

People engaging in debate on all this gain absolutely nothing by contributing to unfounded fears which always compound our misunderstandings of the most vulnerable people in society.

This guy may have been autistic or have had aspergers - having either of those things does not make one a child killer, no more than does being white for example. Having aspergers also does not make one "crazy" - many live rich, fulfilling lives which contribute to society and the economy.

Just wanted to chuck that out anyway, given the reference to aspergers made in the original post - I am sure not done maliciously by any means, just stresses me out when we get fed ill-thought out crap by the media which becomes receives wisdom in the blink of an eye. Sure we can all relate to that here . . . what with those "assault weapons" and all.
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