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Thanks guys. Thats about what I thought. But double checking never hurts.

Before it sounds like being around bikers MCs or otherwise is more dangerous than the general public, its not. Ive been around them all my life rode all my life, am currently president of a group of bikers. Actually the general public makes me a bit more itchy. With bikers 1% or otherwise as long as you dont ask for a problem you wont get one.
My group is a charity based group. We are patched etc. But not an MC as you would picture it though we are in constant contact with all sorts of biker clubs etc. My question was more because we host several annual events and do our own security to raise money for sick kids. One a multiday rally camping on site etc. We do security for some other groups as well at their events. The security aspect where leaving isnt an option was the basis for my question.
Thanks guys Merry Christmas
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