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BP gun

To Moisan fan
Maybe I missed it. While others put out some good advice I missed your beginning prefernce .
You wanted advice on rifle and pistol. And then daid target and hunting.
First It's semantics i know, but pistol is generally a single shot and a revolver is a pistol with a cylinder that revolves with up to 6 shots generally.
Now as to hunting: What type of game are you planning to hunt?
Generally speaking most states don't allow BP pistols (revolvers and single shots) for big game (antelop, deer, elk etc). While they can take down these animals it just isn't recommended.
So are we talking rabbits, squirrels and varmits?
Same goes for a rifle. Generally speaking a .45 cal and smaller is used for smaller gamem though can be used for bigger if your state laws allow it.
generally speaking , once again, most people would use the .50 and .54 ca for Antelope deer, elk.
In the rifles are you looking traditional or inline modern.
Some state laws don't allow the modern inlines during Muzzle loading and also some don't allow felons to have them.
Now if going traditional you got flintlocks or Percussion. Percussion is the newer design of the two and generally more reliable.
A google search of the two will yield a lot of info.
Now which type of projectile would you prefer.
Generally speaking a slow rifling twist in the barrel of 1 twist in 65 inches is for patched round ball.
1 in 48 is generally pretty good for patched round ball or the conical bullets
And a faster twist is generally for the conicals.
Again that was generally speaking.
You also need to decide on barrel length. Carbine generally 24 and under for heavier brush and close shots, 29 - 34 for slightly better accuracy and farther shots.
Now back to revolvers.
Two general types the colt design with the open top or the Remington. The remington has a metal strap moulded over the top of the cylinder, giving more strength and rigidity.
Both are about the same for accuracy and reliability.
If you want to shoot a LOT of heavy charges stay away from the brass frames. They will tend to deteriorate over time and shoot loose.
Both the Colt and Remmies come in different calibers and price ranges.
Now for me. I started back in the 70's with two Navy Arms brand Remington New Army models .44 cal They still work and shoot like new. Better actually as they have the rough edges shot off an work more smoothly. Average groups on a good day when I do my part 1 1/2 -2 inches at 20 yds. I shoot home cast 200 grain conical bullets.
As to my rifles
I have a 30 year old .50 cal CVA plainsman 32 inch barrel that was in kit form.
Knock down power and accuracy to a hundred yard I'd match it with anything. It has served well over the years. I used 320 and 350 grain conicals in it.
I have some newer .50 and .54 cal hawkens again just as accurate.
I also have a .54 caliber breech loader 1863 model Sharps. It shoots a 535 gr conical.
Haven't hunted with it yet, just got it this year. But it too is very accurate.
Now after you decide on the weapon, you will need some accessories.
And learn which type of projectile, RB or conical you and your weapon prefers.
Then some good working loads to test.
And then cleaning products.
In this case plain hot soapy water and or rubbing alcohol works as good as any of the high priced commercial products.
So now decide, single shot or revolver and the rifle and projectile. The game you plan to shoot.
Also do you want to go Traditional or the modern inlines.
And Hey a Merry Christmas to ALL!
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