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I got turned onto the LEE light weights Last spring. I had been pulling my hair out trying to get a good 100 yard load for my Rossi M92 lever action.
These guns have a 16 inch barrel with a 1 in 30 twist rate.
The engineer who decided a 1 in 30 twist rate was a good idea, should be cold cocked.

Any thing over 158 gr bullets results in super looking key holes in the target ( if it hits the target at 50 yards) . 158 gr was ok to 50 yards but out to 100 yards its a crap shoot 6 inch grops are the norm some allot bigger.

SO I ordered a LEE 6 cavity 105gr swc and a 6 cavity 125 gr rnfp.

The 105 gr is a clover leaf shooter out to 50 yards with a small smack of Unique or Bullseye. 100 yards I haven't mastered it yet. Not enough velocity to get them that far with out a pretty high hold over.
I intended to work up a better load for 100 yards, but then I tried the 125's
The 125's are the perfect bullet for this gun. No need to look any farther.
I can cut the bull out of a target at a 100 yards all day long, shot after shot.

Best load is the 125 gr Lee ahead of 6 gr Herco in 38 special cases or 7 gr Herco in 357 cases.
You get the same groups with 5gr Unique or 6 gr Unique respectively, but you loose 100 fps on the velocity out of the 16 inch barrel.

If you have a Rossi w/ 1in 30 give it a try.... You will be happy.
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