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The Big Boy Probably wont run many trouble free stages and is very heavy. My first choice would be the Uberti 73. Second would be the Rossi 92. I second the 44-40 as the better bp cartridge.
Why wouldn't the Big Boy run? Tolerances too tight?

I'm beginning to lean a bit more towards the '73, would love to hear from CAS shooters on reliability...

My focus is to try matching up my dragoons with a rifle that would have "likely" or even "possibly" benn used together. I don't really like the idea of using my Marlin for example.

I prefer the ability to use .45Colt in the Dragoon conversions and the rifle but will be looking more into 44/40 as a possibility.

The '73 would look best with the Dragoons I'm thinking so far, I just don't know how well they do in the matches.
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