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Broken Ruger 10/22!

Just to start off, I'm a huge Ruger fan. I wanted to name my dog Ruger, but my wife wouldn't let me. I consider them the best guns for the money and would stake my life on every one I own.
So...I recently bought a 10/22 with a synthetic stock and the fiber optic sights. I took my daughter out shooting with it and it functioned flawlessly, as I expected. Then, I made the mistake of trying to clean it. I saw that a lot of people don't clean their 10/22s very often, but after the 200 rds we shot, it was filthy. I took the stock off and wasn't going to remove the trigger assembly. I ran a brush through the barrel and brushed out and detailed the chamber. I saw that it was still pretty filthy inside, so I pushed out one of the pins holding the trigger assembly. I tried pushing the other one out and it wouldn't budge. So, I gave up and put the stock back on.
I tried to release the bolt and it wouldn't close. I took the stock off and removed the front trigger assembly pin and the bolt snapped shut. I reassembled it and had the same problem. I took it apart again and tried punching the second pin out. When I did that, pieces of the trigger assembly started falling out of it, though it was still attached to the receiver. I managed to fit them back in, and wanted to try one more time to get that 2nd pin out. But when giving the pin one last try, the part that releases the bolt fell out. Not the bolt release button, but the part that actually holds the bolt back. My problem is that according to the diagram, that part should be held in by a pin, and that pin is still in the assembly. I took the gun to a gunsmith and they couldn't get the damned 2nd assembly pin out. Time to ship it back to the factory, which is something I've been proud of never having to do before. And with a Ruger, no less.
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