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I like that target in post # 87, (howaboutheiris) and I wouldn't mind taking a swinging stab at that doughnut.
Scorch can't believe you fellas are still arguing this "moa all day" thing, I concur. I bet there are more rifles than shooters on this forum that could do it.
Like I said, I have rifles that I know will shoot this repeatable, however I have no likely way to prove it, as most of you that has replied to this thread. And if it were a perfect world, I'd gather up you repeat posters and take you to the range to see if your salt is salt. It's easy enough for most to set behind this keyboard and talk the talk, and I know in my heart there is a few of you fellas that would fill the bill, however some here, that haven't proved theirselves with their rifles enough to know squat about what it takes to even shoot all day let alone be "moa perfect".
Thanks for coming!
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