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Police checking with your doctor? No that is not viable in the least. There are very strict laws against the release of patients personal details by medical professionals and I quite frankly agree with these rules.

The police don't have the power to check with your doctor without your permission. I have nothing to hide so i have no problem giving permission. They don't get your medical records the doctor is asked if any treatment would affect your ability to own a firearm.

Quote Police Service N Ireland Firearms application.

A18 I give my consent for the police to approach my GP, consultant or other medical authority to obtain factual details of my medical history if necessary.

Lets say that your beautiful marriage breaks up and you end up in counseling. Well, now you're seeing a mental health professional. So one word from him and you can never buy another gun again? Really?
Situations like that would not prevent you form having a firearm. Do you think someone with Lets say paranoid schizophrenia or other sorts of mental illness causing them to be violent or unpredictable should have access to firearms.

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