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AR barrel to AK?

i have sort of an interesting project planned.

i recently bought an AK pistol, and being as how i already have a rifle, a shotgun, and a handgun, i'd like to do something neat.

what i thought about doing, was putting a nicer pistol grip on it, a small quad rail and folding bipod, a side-mount PSOP scope, and having this sort of like a mini Designated Marskman Carbine, that easily fits in my pelican case.

i am aware that i cant attach a stock, or forward grip, and i'm ok with that. but the real meat of my project here, is that i would really like to convert this gun to 6.5 Grendel. it is my understanding that my existing 7.62 bolt will work, mags will need some fiddling, and obviously, i need a new barrel. it it possible to mate a 12" AR barrel to my AK pistol? i did a google search, but wasnt able to turn up much info.

thanks in advance guys.
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