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I woke up this morning like every other, roll out of bed, turn on the laptop and checked my email but when the very first thing plastered all over the yahoo homepage with "obama takes action on gun control" you can bet I spent the rest of my morning writing every elected official I could think of in my state. mine went a little differently though. all were pretty much the same with the exception of a few key points.

My name is Tahunua001(used real name) and I have been an Idaho resident for my entire adult life. I am a four year veteran of the United States Navy and had the great fortune of establishing a limited correspondence with you while on active duty. I have been quite disturbed by the recent bouts of unprecedented violence that this nation has faced over the last several months however I am also disturbed with the responses that they are generating. I am a firm believer in the second amendment and the freedom and responsibility that it bestows on all American citizens. Today I have read several news reports that President Obama and Vice President Biden have already established a plan to increase gun control in our nation in response to these heinous acts with an emphasis on para military style semi automatic rifles and handguns, however I feel compelled to voice my own opinions and concerns in a hope that they are heard by someone, anyone that can make a difference.

The entire nation has been grieving over the events in Newtown Connecticut but seems to have completely ignored that just days prior, another attempted mass shooting in Clackamas Oregon. This event took place in a mall where a man walked into the building and began firing senselessly into the crowds. It was stopped by a man exorcising his right to carry a concealed weapon. Nick Meli never fired a shot and despite 2 tragic deaths prior to his arrival on scene, managed to save the lives of countless others by showing the gunman that these people were not completely helpless by brandishing his weapon and taking cover. This is the message that we need to send to America, we NEED guns in our schools, in teachers hands and teachers willing and able to use them. In Israel, teachers are often armed, it is just a fact of life for them. In the last 10 years Isreal has suffered 8 fatalities in school related shootings. While those losses are tragic and unforgivable they pale in comparison to the 323 senseless school shooting related deaths that the U.S. has seen in the last 10 years.

We need a nation of citizens that is not being stripped of their right to defend themselves, their families and their way of life. The president and his family enjoys the protection of the secret service and their automatic weapons daily yet he sees fit to not even allow the people that placed him in office to use even semi automatic rifles to defend ours. If criminals followed laws then we would not have the epidemic levels of methamphetamine and cocaine users that this nation has. Conversely the strengthening of gun laws would only impede law abiding citizens ability to own a gun while the criminals will still be buying them out of someone's trunk and converting them to fully automatic. How will law abiding citizens defend themselves from that kind of person? Of the major metropolitan areas in the United states there seems to be a strong correlation between the amount of gun control and the heightened crime rates in those areas. Areas like New York City NY, Cook County IL, and Los Angeles CA have the worst crime rates in the nation yet also have the strictest laws against paramilitary pattern semi automatic rifles and concealed weapons.

Lastly, I would like to pose a hypothetical question. Assume for one minute that all personal protection aside, that the second amendment was written with the sole purpose to grant the ability of the citizens of our great nation to help defend against a hostile military force either foreign or domestic. would you expect a group of farmers, accountants, and mechanics equipped with low capacity, hunting rifles to be able to contend with a well trained military force equivalent to Germany or Italy, complete with tanks, air craft, artillery and automatic weaponry? then how would you expect the American people to contend with a larger, better equipped and much more likely threat like China or Russia?
all we ask for is the ability to help level the playing field in the favor of 'We the People'

I thank you for your time.
Tahunua001(used actual name)
ignore my complete lack of capitalization. I still have no problem correcting your grammar.
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