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If you want to break in a new barrel: One method is to take the barrel and reciever out of the stock, then...with heavy gloves and rags on --- pour hot boiling water down the barrel, inorder to open up the pores in the barrel. Dry patch out. Next...get a smaller diameter cleaning rod and 3 cotton flannel patches rubbed with mild JB bore paste. Measure the distance between the muzzle and front of the chamber, and mark that distance on the cleaning rod. Insert the patched rod thru the muzzle and rub each patch down the bore about 10 times back and forth; without touching the chamber. Clean out with Hoppes patches and oil down.

Shoot 3 shots --- clean out with Hoppes. Do this ten times. After that...use copper remover and brushes, after every 20 shots; for target rifles.
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