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"many, if not most, people can't consistently shoot under MOA"

I have 100s of hours at the local no frills public range on the 100 yard line.... It is my opinion that >50% of the folks that I have sat beside on the rifle range (mostly hunter types with front bag and no rear bag) would be unable to hit an 8.5x11 sheet of paper 5 times in a row at 100 yards..... no exaggeration. I am looked at like some sort of freak when I staple on the target in my "December 17, 2012 05:53 PM" post. I have also been asked to shoot groups with other peoples rifles to see if I can find "what is wrong with their rifle".... to sheepishly respond "looks fine to me". Don't underestimate how poorly most folks shoot. I just hope many of these shooters do not try to take an animal beyond 50 - 100 yards.

It is a very different scene on the long range. At Best Of The West (Liberty Hill, TX), You need to qualify at 500 yards in order to use the longer distances. I have only run into 1-2 folks in the last year that did not know their stuff. Most everyone can tell you their velocity standard deviation, elevation, windage, BC, height over bore, current powder weight, primer type, etc....
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