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Depending on who's coming and who's going, both. Write the ones leaving asking them to impart words of wisdom on the subject to those coming in...

Point out that the 1994 AWB cost the democrats the House and the Senate-Washingtonians voted out the first sitting Speaker of the House in over 100 years.

Ask the new ones if they think voting for a new AWB is wise, as a signal that our elected officials are not wise enough to prevent mentally unstable from obtaining firearms illegallly, and thus punish a hundred million Americans for having engaged in a legal hobby. That would be the equivalent of:

siezing the cellphones and computers of half the people on twitter.

Everyone on T-Mobile

Seizing the homes of everyone in Caifornia, Texas, Arizon, Florida, Nevada, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Hawaii, and the territories of Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Is., American Samoa and more, because the levels of sunlight in those states has a hgher chance of causing cancer.
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