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I recall a case in my town where 4 people confronted one person in a park.The lone person ran.He was caught,knocked down,and was taking a beating.He pulled out his folding Buck knife and killed one of them.He was sentenced to five years,in the words of the DA"He brought a knife to a fist fight"

How does Eric Holder,our AG,feel about guns?Do you think he would pursue a SD shooting with "fairness" in mind?

Think about a certain high profile shoot where an unarmed man was beating an armed man on the ground.I know the unarmed guy who died had MJ in his tox report because the press made a big deal of it.

To the folks who think this is about coming down on the pot smoker,no.I'm the OP.I know a lot of young people.A lot of them smoke pot.Occasionally,they offer to share.I politely decline,explaining it would compromize my Second Ammendment Rights,and I have made a choice.

A large percentage of younger folks use pot to some degree.I hate to see those folks throw the Second Ammendment away.Over time,that weakens the 2nd.

I do not trust the soft touch on prosecution.Discretionary enforcement is a trap.I smell rat.Medpot cards,or go to the Recreational Pot Store,show driver's liscence,a barcode and Visa transaction.A whole lot of data mining quietly goes on every day.

Right now,Biden and Holder will be on a commission to reduce gun violence...could be,over time,just like the folks with a domestic violence history,or even deadbeat dads,you go for a background check and it will come back"This person made 9 MJ transactions last year.Denied"This person has a Medpot card denied.Apply for a hunting liscence,denied...

Maybe,it won't can trust politicians with your freedom,unless you want a 24 oz Coke in NYC

I don't know.It is your 2nd Ammendment right.Treat it how you want to,but if mixing controlled substances and firearms bites you,please do not whine.
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