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"I almost never see groups posted that are centered on the bull"

Agreed, as you will shoot your POA out and get sloppy results. We do some contests were we shoot a group at a known POA. We then scan the target and use OnTarget to score. (like 10 rounds at 300 yards, and the score is sum of all shots distances from center (NOT CENTER OF THE GROUP)) In this case, I will add an aiming dot x" low and adjust my elevation to compensate.

Anyway.... there are lots of shooters here that love groups. I think a perfectly grouped set of shots that hit the berm vs the target are just that.... misses. IMHO if your goal is to hit the penny, then a 1/2MOA group that is 1" left is the result of you missing consistently.... again IMHO not a feat to be proud of. While some will cut this out and post it online like they are above average.

I personally adjust my windage and elevation for every shot I take. It takes no longer (don't want to argue this next) than counting your lines and doing holdoffs. I zero at 100 and understand my numbers up to 1000. I also have tactical turret knobs on my scopes, which allows for this. I am also in Texas, so if I need mittens, I am staying home. If my hunting setup lets me know I will make a 1-300 yard shot, I have my numbers ready. If I am at the range and will shoot 500/750/1000 I will have those numbers ready.

Unlike Brian P. (and like Scorch), I feel that there are very few who read this post who can actually shoot sub-MOA.

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