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What would you get your wife for Protection?

A good old fashioned .38 Special revolver. (Let her decide the barrel length.) There is good ammo out there, although the 'old school of thought' was to shoot straight out wadcutters, not 'semiwadcutter', not 'semiwadcutter with hollow point', just 'wadcutter'.

Why? Is it not true that sometimes hollow points fail to work as advertised, and become 'wadcutters'? Is it not true that the velocity necessary for a hollow point to 'fail as designed', also proscribes it to be buzzing through wherever it goes, if the shot was a miss? Is it not true, that those same rounds give a little snappy recoil?

Therefore, wadcutters, with a velocity of 800fps, placed on paper, or 'between the shirt pockets', have done the job, as the late Jim Cirillo has journaled, and with minimal recoil and noise, which means your wife will not hesitate on that second shot! Hint ... wadcutters as first load, true non-HP semiwadcutters as 'speed loader' material.
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