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I would add that, and this is important, things could get even worse should *another* high profile shooting rampage occurs soon. It doesn't even have to have a particularly high body count or sensational circumstances, because right now, the media is interested in making it look like these events are happening constantly, all the time, and that everyone is likely to be shot at least once by a psycho by the time the year is over.

That said, to some degree the fervor will die down a bit, at least assuming the above doesn't happen again soon. A couple of politicians that are sympathetic to gun control this moment could be swayed by constituent backlash.

Hopefully, if another AWB just has to happen, the gun rights side can muster enough energy to dilute it as much as possible. A sunset provision, expanding the number of guns exempted, making transfer and sale of pre-existing guns and magazines legal, etc. I'd even like to see them add something like a higher cap on a mag ban (15 rds instead of 10, for example) or a national concealed carry reciprocity, though that's probably just an utter fantasy.
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