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S&w 696-1 44 spl

Some days you just walk into them,

So I was out running down my "honey do" list and it brought me near a gun store that I stop into from time to time and I thought why not just for a minute, it was busy, busy, busy and there was even a local TV station there doing some filming in the back when I walked in but I made my way along the counter (staying clear of the video guy) and saw a gun sitting in the back of the case I was looking into and could not see the tag well because it was covered by another gun, I saw it was a 44 something and it was pre lock so I asked to see it. Man was I surprised to see it was a 44spl 696-1, it looked like someone carried this one often, not bead up but it has been used, already a long story, I got it on law-a-way (did not plan on getting a gun today) for $625 OTD. I know its not a bad price but how did I do? I will post pics when its out of law-a-way, if you have pics of yours I would love to see them. Also what is your favorite pet load for yours? Thanks everyone.
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