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IMR 4227

Good day to all; I recently bought a 1983 vintage Winchester 94 Wrangler in 32 special. It is iin excellent condition but rather than put it away at my age, I intend to shoot it with cast bullets. I'm hoping my caster friend has that RCBS 32-170 mold everyone else is talking about.
My question is I have a bunch of IMR 4227 that I didn't like for leaving kernels in my Rossi 92 45 colt rifle; Does anyone have any experience or loads using this powder for cast 32 special ?
My caster friend bullets are about 12 on the bhn scale.
I should also ask if anyone would know what bore diameter these almost last production 32 special winchesters came with?
I have no experience slugging a bore and am probably at an age that I shouldn't do it myself. I can add that I am over 100 miles to the nearest gunsmith.
Many thanks Gentlemen and Merry Christmas to all.

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