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Originally Posted by mikld View Post
I've read of a keg of original Unique (circa 1900) being stored under water. Each year the keg is opened and loaded in some ammo (don't know what ammo) and test fired. Each testing session results in near original preformance. Of course this could be just a web hoax, but I personally have some Unique left from a bunch I bought in '86 and it still shoots fine...
I contacted Hodgdon directly regarding this rumor.

The story gets a bit exaggerated here and there but is essentially true.

They don't test it "every year" or even on a predetermined interval but, rather, just whenever they get curious. The powder is stored literally in water, wet. A sample is removed, dried and tested. They told me that it still works fine.

Actually, here is the story, straight from Hodgdon, numbered page 13 of the PDF, page 19 from the start. There's even a picture of the bottle.

The story says that they test it in a 12ga load and includes a disclaimer NOT to store "modern powder" in water.
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