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I can't believe you guys are still arguing about this.

"1 MOA all day long" is a boast, bragging, BS, whatever you want to call it, it's an exaggeration intended to emphasize a point. "I own an accurate rifle that is capable of shooting 1 MOA, as am I", that's what the person is saying. That said, can your rifle shoot 1 MOA any time you take it out? Can your rifle shoot 20 shots into 1 MOA? Mine can, I have done it. Repeatedly.

Shooting a 1" group and hitting a 1" target at 100 yds are totally different discussions.

I build rifles, and as Brian said, 1 MOA is no big deal. Many rifles nowadays are capable of shooting 1 MOA for 3 or 5 shots. Many people are not, but that is a different matter.
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