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Originally Posted by jmr40

The model 94 did not suffer the same design changes in 1964. Quality did decline on them, but it was more gradual. A 94 made during the mid to late 60's is very little different than a pre-64
That would be in error, Sir - since Winchester made what was then received as racical changes to the Model 94 in 1964, which led to myriad years of complaints from owners, buyers and gunwriters, with eventual upgrading in 1970.

The Model 94's multiple changes of 1964 included, among other things these major beefs:

1) A change in the receivers from forged steel to a cast/sintered steel which was then plated to resemble bluing & other finishes.

2) A change in the cartridge lifter/carrier from a steel piece machined from solid to a stamped steel sheet matal copy.

3) Multiple replacements in the action of the former solid pivol pins with hollow roll pins.

All three issues were somewhat addressed, starting with the 1970 model year Model 94 guns.

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