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Originally Posted by howabouttheiris View Post
"You don't have to hit a penny."

BUT you will ~2/3 of the time.... so it is not that bad of a test.

(assumptions in math......US penny = .75", bullet = 0.308", 1MOA = 1" @ 100 yards.... actually 65.42%.... but you get the point.)
(assumptions in talent..... you spend the 30 seconds it takes to center your group on the bull)
I almost never see groups posted that are centered on the bull. In fact, I never shoot them myself. My rifles are zeroed at some odd distance, like 273 yards or something, whatever it comes out to for the cartridge and bullets best MPBR zero. I generally shoot at 100, where almost all of my guns are 3/4-1 1/2 high or so. Pictures of groups posted by others are most often no where near "the bull".

Mathematically, if you are shooting 1 MOA at 100, zero your gun at that distance and try to hit a penny, you should do it a fair bit of the time. However, it is not a true indicator or standard. Many guys would have trouble seeing a penny at 100. Doesn't mean their gun can't hit it, they just need a larger aim point, but the gun will still shoot under 1 MOA.

Technically, you could shoot all the way around a penny with anything smaller than a .308 and still be 1 MOA. Even with a .308, you could shoot all the way around a penny, get a group of 1.058 and your only .011 larger than 1MOA.

Anyhow, the fact remains that 1 MOA isn't very hard to do.
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