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Originally Posted by Doyle
Since a good T&T thread evolved into a policy discussion, then why wasn't it simply moved to the appropriate forum rather than just closed.
That really a good question, Doyle, and it deserves a thoughtful response.

Under normal circumstances, such a thread would possibly/probably be moved to the L&CR forum. Under normal circumstances.

Because of the latest string of homicides, circumstances are not in any way, normal. We are, at the moment, being faced with some very real and possibly horrendous restrictions on our 2A rights.

The anti's have what is possibly the perfect storm to achieve their goals of disarming the public. The anti's are literally dancing in the blood of these defenseless children. Hell, they started their dance before the bodies had a chance to cool, let alone be taken from the scene. We are going to have to walk a very fine line in order to not be seen to be callous and/or indifferent to the victims.

The L&CR forum has seen a sudden influx of members wanting to express their own outrage at what the anti's are wanting to do. This has necessitated the closing of many threads.

While it is true, that many of these (now) closed threads could have been merged with one or two existing larger threads (on the same topic), we have decided to simply close them on sight. The problem was exacerbated, because by the time one thread was closed, two or more threads have been opened.

Quite simply, we don't have enough time or manpower to post a closing remark or move or merge the threads.

Now multiply that to other areas of TFL, and the problem becomes one of management. Hard decisions have had to be made in order to keep TFL focused on Rich Lucibella's goals. What you are seeing, in the short term, is the result of our decisions.

Public Policy discussions, as Mike has said, are not part of TFL's mandate. While we have allowed a few such discussions in the past in the L&CR forum, we are not willing to turn the forum into complete chaos.
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