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I would say well over $1,000 if it is genuine but I would be very careful. the condition you describe does not fit what you would expect from a 116 year old gun, even with the best of care I could not imagine anything going that long without at least superficial rust, blueing wearing off, stock scratches, and other cosmetic blemishes. it sounds to me as if it has either been refurbished or it is a convincing fake. either way I doubt you could get more than $500 out of it. my brother in law had a 1895 winchester from 1904 that had all of the wear you would expect from a gun that old but still very good condition, it was appraised this year at $900 and he ended up selling for $700 just because of the times. if it is indeed as perfect as you say it would probably be worth thousands, but finding a collector that is not quite as suspicious as I and finding someone willing to pay it's full worth are going to be major hurdles if you should ever try to sell it.
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