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Originally Posted by bfskinnerpunk
I haven't been watching FoxNews, so I don't know what they're doing, but the rest of the news outlets are utterly certain that we need to prohibit the right to possess the high capacity type firearms.
What's new? News outlets were utterly certain that "assault weapons" and "high-capacity clips" needed to be banned after the Virginia Tech shootings, the Giffords shootings, and the Aurora theater shootings. After each recent mass shooting, anti-gun types in the media tried their best to persuade people to endorse gun control without thinking about anything but sympathy for the victims.

Wait for the media's sympathy blitz to burn out. Right now, there is no pretense of rational discussion; the media's response to pro-gun arguments is to run stories about the funerals of small children. After the funerals are done, and everyone enjoys the holidays, and the media's focus shifts to the 'fiscal cliff' wrangling, things will look much different.
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