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Mike Irwin
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As Pax notes, that thread developed into a discussion on public policy, and that is off topic for TFL, and especially off topic for T&T.

It doesn't matter if it was a well reasoned discussion -- it was still off topic for that forum and this board.

I'm sure that I and several other members could have a very interesting discussion regarding the painting techniques used by master artists who have depicted firearms in their works.

And that subject would be off topic and should, and would, be closed as being sort of about guns, but not really.

In the aftermath of events such as Newtown, it's easy to lose sight of the board's focus because we're as shocked and as devastated by the events as everyone else.

TFL was created and envisioned to be a site where the focus would be on firearms discussion, with an allowance for discussions of civil rights (primarily as they tie to firearms) in the L&CR forum.

We're sorry that you don't agree with that, but that's the way it's going to stay, that's the way it has to stay if TFL is to maintain its status as the premier firearms discussion board on the internet.
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