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Gave my Dad an Inland M1 carbine for Christmas I had bought from CMP as rack grade. I worked on it 6 months refinishing the stock and getting it into a really nice condition. He was thrilled.

Had a nephew that graduated high school and was all the time at my house wanting to shoot when he came to visit. Handguns, rifles, shotguns, whatever I wanted to shoot he was up for it. He is a good kid with nearly straight A's, works and is in college nearby. So I asked his parents if I could give him a gun when he graduated high school and they keep until he got into his twenties and they agreed, so I gave him a really nice norinco SKS. He loves it and wants to bring it over to shoot at my place all the time or go to their local range. His Dad takes him and his younger brother all the time to the local range.

I gave my cousin a Bulgarian Makarov 9X18 this last fall. He has cancer which in the long run is going to be terminal. He has surgery to remove tumors and chemo and it goes into remission a while and then comes back. He is unable to work and on limited income but loves guns. He had managed to save some money and get his carry permit and was carrying around a lorcin and eventually a hi-point.

I was in my local gun/pawn establishment and ran across this really nice arsenal Bulgy Mak that looked brand new and thought of him. Cost me $200 but the look on his face was worth every penny and more when I handed him a pistol case and he opened it and I said it's yours. He said how much? I said nothing, it's yours, enjoy guy.

That being said I have been on the receiving end of getting a gun as a gift. My mother-in-law which I love to death is a gun girl! She buys me a gun nearly every Christmas. A Ruger Sp101, Polish Tokarov, Commander 1911, etc... Aside from her buying me nice toys at Christmas I can honestly say she is a sweat heart, has been from day one!

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