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Right out of the Manuel.

Draw the bolt to the rear;

Lift the front hook of the extractor off the bolt and at the same time turn the bolt handle to the left. The bolt can be drawn from the reciever.

Take the bolt hand in the left hand, back and down, bolt upside down, Grasp the cocking piece with the right hand.

Draw back the cocking piece and turn it until the firing pin can be removed from the bolt.

To re-assemble:

Observe that the safety lock is turned to the left. Reverse the order of the steps of the fifth operation of dismounting.

Grasp the bolt with fingers of both hands, bolt directed downward, and with both thumbs on the rear of the safety lock, push strongy forward and turn to the right with the thumbs until the arm of the sleeve engages the collar of the bolt
Grasp bolt and cocking piece as in the third operation for dismounting. Draw back and turn the cocking piece from the operator until its nose enters the notch of the rear end of the bolt.

Take bolt in the right hand and introduce it into the reciever, keeping the extractor lifted with the right thumb,. Turn the bolt to the right and at the same time press strongly with the first finger of the right side of the extractor.

This is a lot easier then it sounds.
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