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Yes, rifled barrels are legal in Ohio. Shotguns, handguns, muzzle loaders...
My point about rifling is simply the word or name "rifle".

Just my sour grapes at the tangled web of contradicting rules.

And yeah, skidder, the game wardens take their jobs pretty seriously. They have heard every excuse, they know pretty much every trick, they know all the rules, and they sometimes deal with some unsavory people. The guys we've met have been professional and not rude, but definitely serious. One guy checked our shotguns for plugs and none of us had them. We were only loaded with 3 rounds (he counted), but the guns held 5. He said if we put something - anything - in there to take up the space he'd forget all about it. We all ended up with cut off corn stalks in our magazines to be compliant before he moved on.

Gun. Bullet. License.
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