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OK... to partly answer your question... I think it's going to come down more to bullet selection... normally a 380 will have enough penitration... but you aren't talking normal clothing... you add 2 layers of heavy leather, plus the normal fabric layers, & you're going to need more penitration than is normally needed for self defense...

1st observation... 380 may or may not be enough ( it would definatly be on the too light side for me ) but if used with full jacket bullets, rather than "normal" expanding self defense bullets, it may be enough, with well placed multiple shots... of couse the non expanding bullets limit the effectiveness, so it inceases the need for shot placement, & or the need for multiple shots

I'm not a huge fan of 357 for personal defense ( because of the loudness ), but IMO, with hunting ( rather than self defense ) bullets, I think you'd be at best... a compact 9mm might be fine ( because of the higher capacity ) with FMJ bullets again, rather than hollow points...

I think with your croud, & the multple layer leathers, you need to look at something you'd use deer or bear hunting, rather than "normally" used for self defense...

funny... I was just talking to my "biker buddy" about this thread, & he's correct, in that if you hang with bikers long enough, you'll learn when the croud looks like it could turn ugly... better to walk to your bike ( run if needed ) & live to ride another day, than get involved in a "fire fight" ( you can bet you won't be the only one packing, & even if you shot somebody that needed it ( you feared for your life ) that guy probably has a buddy there, who is now going to try to shoot you, for killing his buddy )... leave & live to ride another day

one of those S&W Mountain Lite revolvers in 44 Mag comes to mind, as easy to carry, & enough muscle to do the job... won't be pleasant to shoot, but may be the easiest carry tool that will get the job done
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