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From yesterday's White House Briefing:

MR. CARNEY: And the President is moving forward, as he said he would, in having discussions here at the White House with members of his team, having discussions moments ago with Senator Manchin and others who have introduced important ideas about how we can move forward and whose decision to break from past positions and -- in how they look at this is heartening, and perhaps harbors an opportunity to move forward in a constructive way. But we are still early in a process.

And I just want to be clear that, in addition to his support for a renewal of the assault weapons ban, which has long been stated and if it does take form in legislation that Senator Feinstein introduces, then that would obviously be something that would win his support, but it goes beyond that. His view is that we need to address this in a way that, as I said yesterday, acknowledges that no single piece of legislation, no single restriction on access to a certain type of weapon will solve this problem and that we need to address it more broadly.
Whatever more broadly means...

I'm beginng to get a sick feeling that a new AWB won't be the same as the old AWB. My gut feeling is that it'll point out that the old AWB had no effect because it wasn't restrictive enough.
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