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Hit the range yesterday. Love the XDM's trigger and just the way it feels in my hand. One thing I noticed was in the not so well lit range I was not able to see the red front fiber optic sight but I was still able to use them. I am sure they would work much better in sunlight or better lit indoor range.

The 5.25 XDM is a pleasure to shoot and is really easy to shoot accurately. The long sight picture with the long barrel make it super simple to get some nice grouping.

This target is a mix of 15 feet and 30 feet.

This target at 30 feet. Rate of fire is medium.

The Glock 20 was again fantastic! I shot a mix of 135g JHP's and 180g JFP's also with a few different loads. My favorite was 8.0g's of Power Pistol with the 180g's JFP. It had some recoil but, not harsh. The muzzle flash was impressive to say the least.

8.0g's of Unique with 135g Nosler was also a good load.

I have to add the picture of my target at 30 and 15 feet shooting my CZ 75B. This is 3 mag's. Rate of fire slow at 30 feet and medium at 15.
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