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There's one last this I would like to add.
And let me start by saying - yet again - that I'm not really a fan of lasers for my own use. However.....
In my experience - unless it's quite foggy or dusty - you can't actually see the beam of the laser, and you can really only see the light from the laser if it's within a few degrees of being pointed at you.
So the idea that people will be able to trace the laser back to your position is kind of over blown (unless you live somewhere that's perpetually foggy like, say Seattle ).
If it's pointed at someone they'll probably be able to see that the lights on, but the point of SD isn't really to be sneaky anyway.
In movies they must use some fog to make the beams visible - it's more dramatic that way - but in the real world the beam seldom shows up. I can still remember the disappointment I felt as kid when I got a laser pointer and all it did was make a dot.
So, take them or leave them, but don;t worry about some brilliant red line leading back to you.
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