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I have seen comments that state we need to stop claiming the militia clause in the 2nd ammendment because it does not apply to most people; this is not currently true. The militias that defended and protected this country from invasion were many times required to maintain and bring their own gun to the fight.

If the militia clause is not applicable to the modern/common citizen, if it is truely outdated or otherwise non-applicable because of our better organized active duty military, and state & national guard forces; then the Constitution once again needs to be amended, as it has been in the past such as with prohibition. I am not saying the 2nd Ammendment is not outdated, that's another argument....I'm arguing the constitution as written.

Are there any politicians out there seeking such an Ammendment?

In my opinion, restricting firearms from citizens without a consitutional Ammendment is non-constitutional. I am not an attorney, but my Masters is Criminal Justice Administration, and I have argued/defended this position successfully in class.
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