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Rep. Dennis Richardson is the state representative for Oregon where I live. He has posted a letter to the public proposing volunteer armed campus responders in Oregons Public schools, at the bottom of his letter is a link where one can vote as well as leave a comment.

I voted.

I am sharing this link here, I realize that the percentage of Oregonians in this forum might be a minority, but the voting page is unanimous.... Please overwhelm this surveymonkey with votes in the right direction, one step that works for one state will lead the way for others. It only has two questions and a comment box.

My thoughts: I cant say I know the details of what he could propose, but this is a step in the right direction. FWIW, in my opinion I think teachers and parents with CCW permits should be allowed to carry concealed on school grounds if they choose... I do not believe in "gun free" zones. Although I believe that no one is responsible for the individuals security but themselves, I like the idea of an armed campus responder, as a working parent I know I can't be there 24/7 even if I could carry... and I do not have any faith they will change that law anytime soon. I know I would certainly volunteer as a campus responder and even pay for any tactical training the program might require. I do believe, in part, that the solution lies with the citizens and community, not law enforcement or paid armed security.
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