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Actually..Im about to start my first AR build.. and screw the tools. I'm buying as many mags, lowers, uppers, etc I can. No one is going to ban tools.
Too each there own, but I can't build my AR without the tools haha. I also ordered some 20 round Brownells mags today and a 5 round mag as this will most likely be used for hunting. This will most likely be my only AR since I tend to like more traditional style rifles more. But one reason I sped up my build a bit was I am sure the prices will go up. When I go to pick up my upper pieces I will probably pick up some Pmags while they have some in stock though.

Also, since it seems most people only mention bad encounters with customer service I want to let everyone know how good of an experience I am having at Alaska Tactical so far. Other than shooting an M16 3 times in my career I do not know much about AR-15s. I forget her name but the woman I dealt with when I was trying to figure out how I wanted to go about my build was very knowledgeable and just a pleasant person to deal with.
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