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long ar wait

Ive wanted an ar for a long time, only in the last year got the money to order a kit to build one. From the looks of things, all ar parts are basicaly coming from the same places. All advertise the same names. Ordered a flattop 20" hbar kit from one called for what i felt like was a reasonable price. Not much cheaper than everyone else, but comparable. i then placed an order for a spikes lower and 4 mags with DSG arms. At the time all lowers i found online were backloged and was stated the wait would be 4 to 6 weeks. Here it is been since july 26th both orders were made and havent received as much as a notification from them. They do accept their phone calls, but after many conversations with their cust. serv. depts. no shipments have been made. Now it seems im in the situation i can pull the plug on these orders, and order someplace else and go on their waiting list (who knows how long now) or keep waiting with these same orders since its already been this long. Neither sounds very appealing at this time. What to do?
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