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On shooting skill. The last Steel Challenge rifle match I shot had an 8 inch stop plate at almost 100 yards. My time was 25.74 seconds (21.28 seconds won it) using my pre-ban mini 14 w/ iron sights. Doing stuff like that makes shooting off a bi-pod and sand sock, with an optic, from a bench and at my own pace childs play. I may not be lighting up the F class world but shooting moa is repeatable with my best load.

Also I would think that some gun related defect which would cause poor groups, would cause poor groups in a consistent manner. It would not know when I am shooting one specific bullet, which shoots no worse than 1.5 moa using two different primers and a dozen different powder charges, and suddenly go away. I am on my second box of 140gr Hornady Interlocks and have always shot good groups with that bullet. Certainly a defect would manage to show up like it does every single time I shoot 140gr SSTs or Hot-cors, which I tried extensively so make work in my rifle.
New gun, same ol' shot.

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