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This problem won't go away as any real attempt at a solution has long since been deemed unconstitutional.
No the solution is the 2A.... It was always the 2A and in our haste to be politically correct over decades and decades we allowed ourselves to be disarmed in places where a lawfully owned and used weapon might have made the difference...

The only real question is why is everyone afraid of lawful citizens using a right that is clearly spelled out and now recently has even been ruled upon.... Yes it will take time for these things to re-enable our rights in areas we were intended to have the right to self defense. Terrible horrible things can happen when almost any right is abused, but we don't eliminate the right because of it...

Freedom has a cost and sometimes it is tearfully high but were always so quick to point at the "right" when in reality only the person and people who did the action are responsible.

I do not need or want to be safe from all harm but I do want to be free.. I want the right to make choices others strongly disagree with and I want the right to go my own way and I want my right to defend myself, my family and my nation...
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