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Honestly I seriously doubt any sort of "deterrent" will actually work. These are mentally insane people we are dealing with. You really think they're afraid of dying?
No, they are not afraid of dying.... they fear messing up their shot at infamy.

The want to play God, and the minute something jacks up their Plan, they check out. That is what I believe happened in Oregon. 2 died there, and the nutball's gun jammed. An armed citizen showed a gun -did not even fire- and the nutter went into a back hallway and ended it. 2 is a durned sight lighter butcher's bill than 26.

Armed people on the scene will decrease the length and number of casualties in these incidents, but it won't decrease the number of incidents.
Fewer dead would be nice.

I know I would rather have my kids have a chance ..... rather than have to wait their turn ......
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