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I agree that he makes some good points, but some of his suggestions are not realistic. The one point that really hits home, though, is the one about terrorist threats in the future. Isn't it obvious that this one incident has caused more fear, anger, outrage, sadness, etc. than a terrorist could reap from numerous other activities? Gun-free schools are just too easy of a target and the terrorists would need very little manpower or planning to inflict major damage to the psyche of the American people.

The attack on the school has evoked a strong response from the populace to the politicians to "do something". Unfortunately, the dream world of "strong gun controls" provides the buzzwords for the politicians to use to placate the concerned citizens. Unfortunately, the mentally deranged and the terrorists are both willing to die to accomplish their task and punishment for breaking the gun cotrol laws is a laughable nuisance to them. So, we will go about reinforcing the concept of gun-free schools and pushing strong gun control laws and feel really good about ourselves.............until the next attacks.
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